What I’m Doing Here

I’m an unlikely educator. For over fourteen years, I’ve worked as a special education teacher, an English teacher, and even a quasi-administrator. This blog will host ruminations based on my experiences.

I plan to contribute as much as I can to the ongoing conversation about the frantic mess that is public education in America. Much of my focus will be ripping apart critiquing special education. Ah, special education. I have so much to say about special education.


What I’m Doing Here

2 thoughts on “What I’m Doing Here

  1. You critique other educators, yet you were one of those same educators who leveled unjustified criticism of my son, also a special needs child . What you said in plain words, ( layman’s terms) was that my son had a very high opinion of himself and he thought that he was smarter than he really was. I ignored you and your comment since you have no children of your own, special needs or not. What you spoke about is the very thing a parent is SUPPOSED to do….instill a sense of confidence in their child, whereas I felt you attempted to undermine my efforts as a parent, allowing you to inject your personal opinion. where it wasn’t needed and definitely not wanted. You also implied that since my son did not know the definition of a word that he wrote in his homework, he was not doing his own homework. Most children, at least my own, and there are 4, should receive help with their homework. As a parent, and having been a parent for 42 years, I know that doing my son’s homework myself will not benefit him. Yet you implied such. Following that IEP, I removed my son from that school, and your presence, and enrolled him into an online school, where he graduated in 2010, with a GPA of 3.49 and in the top 5 of his class. Just goes to show what a little encouragement instead of discouragement, just because you are physically or mentally challenged ,can change a child’s direction and life.


    1. Thank you for the comment and for the stellar reminder of why I decided to stop tirelessly giving myself to a field in which my efforts went unappreciated and unrecognized in the face of myriad difficulties. I’m proud of your son’s accomplishments and I wish him the best with whatever he decides to do. He’s lucky to have such a supportive family.


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