Using Garageband To Teach Music Instruction (Repost from

Below is an article I wrote for about using Garageband to introduce music production. Visit for tips, tutoring, and more.


Using Garageband To Teach Music Instruction (Repost from

3 thoughts on “Using Garageband To Teach Music Instruction (Repost from

  1. Jeffrey I enjoy your posts and I am glad to have found your blog. I knew there was technology such as this but had no clue it was so readily available. I was a composer for a long time and majored in music. Back then it was impossible to get one’s music played. I have stacks of scores hidden away that no one ever played nor heard. I was fortunate to attend, for a time, a liberal college that believed original compositions should be played. But most did not. Funny, too, I was, for whatever reason, exceptionally gifted at music dictation, which is now obsolete. We have no more use for music scribes, sadly. I always realized it was one of those “idiot savant” talents that didn’t have much practical use nor value to anyone but me, except I got good grades pretty easily. I am wondering if such software could reproduce my own compositions. These are now over 35 years old, sitting in a box, and are written in my own music handwriting. Is such a thing possible?


    1. Thank you for the positive feedback, Julie. If your compositions are in any kind of notation (even a notation of your own design), you can play them using a program like Garageband just as you would play them on a keyboard. Garageband allows you to turn the computer’s keyboard into a playable keyboard. Using this, you can record your compositions using any one of hundreds of virtual instruments. From there, you easily can add percussion, additional instruments, and vocals. If you want to go a step further, you can buy a MIDI interface and connect a separate keyboard and play through that instead of the computer keyboard (this is much easier than it even sounds to connect and the equipment is relatively cheap). If you have a Mac, I’d encourage you to experiment with it. Garageband is in the Applications folder. If you have a Windows computer, you should be able to download Live 9 Lite or Fruity Loops (FL Studio 12) for free. These have many of Garageband’s features. All require a bit of patience while getting to know the platforms, but the web is filled with tutorials that can answer questions as you go. I happen to prefer just digging in and playing around. I wish you luck with bringing your compositions to life. Have fun!


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