5 Tips for Approaching a College Office of Disability (Repost from iAchieveLearning.com)

Below is an article I wrote for iAchieveLearning.com about how to start the conversation about accommodations with a college office of disability.


5 Tips for Approaching a College Office of Disability (Repost from iAchieveLearning.com)

3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Approaching a College Office of Disability (Repost from iAchieveLearning.com)

  1. Dear Jeff, I couldn’t comment where you had the article posted. I dealt with a disability office at X college where I immediately withdrew all contact with that office because I noticed the person was unlawful in his questioning of me. I had to stop the questioning and bow out and not use any accommodations. I reported to him that I had a certain medical condition and stated that at my age, close to 60, it’s common to have a variety of physical conditions that might require taking a semester off due to interruptions. That was the only accommodation I was asking for, and certainly none of the other such as “tutoring,” “separate testing,” or anything else of that nature. However, this person began to needle me, demanding to know if I had learning disabilities, mental disabilities…he listed so many things….I stopped him and told him I did not want any other accommodations and the ADA demanded that this line of questioning was not even legal. He continued to prod. So I wrote to him asking him to remove all record of any conversation I’d had with that office. I noticed a few months later that he’d been replaced and someone else was working there.


    1. Thanks for sharing, but sorry that you had to deal with that. I believe colleges are becoming more versed in ADA and its expectations. I hope with time that experiences like yours become rare to nonexistent.


      1. Jeffrey College X was entirely a scam. Just because it says “accredited” and appears okay does not mean it is quality education and does not mean there aren’t things they are doing that are grossly unlawful. Many legit colleges break the law and there are no overseeing organizations. Look at faculty salaries compared to tuition costs! I was at Bennington just prior to their firing their entire full-time faculty and hiring part-time. You can guess what their motive was. I just talked to some folks who have instructed me on how to report College X. Many have told me that they are a scam. I want to make a website warning others but must do it anonymously. I suspect many colleges are now ripping students off in a similar manner.


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